Constructing the future
A Gardiner & Theobald case study

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Page 5: the role of the quantity surveyor

Gardiner Theobald 7 Image 4The quantity surveyor is integral to the property lifecycle and can influence other sectors of the property and construction industry. All sectors of the industry, however, need to be committed to sustainable development if it is to be implemented successfully. The property industry as a whole needs to:

  • increase awareness in social responsibility
  • increase awareness in sustainable construction
  • gain greater levels of commitment to the Ten Commandments
  • continue to develop technology that can make currently expensive sustainable methods more economically viable
  • be prepared to pay more now for less later
  • aim for every development to be constructed using measured sustainable methods.

Davis Langdon & Everest, EC Harris and Gardiner & Theobald are committed to sustainable development. They are playing a key role in achieving sustainability in construction by:

  • challenging existing building briefs and specifications
  • aiming for standardisation of components
  • endorsing techniques to demonstrate the benefits of paying more now for less later
  • lifecycle costing
  • making better use of Information Technology
  • sponsoring research into running costs, design and construction time and motion studies
  • ensuring better planning for waste management
  • encouraging energy labelling of materials and components
  • consulting more effectively with all parties involved.

A key element in this process is matching the procurement of materials to the objectives of stakeholders, such as occupiers who are concerned about the sustainability of the components that make up their property portfolio (the property supply chain). Driven by stakeholders, the quantity surveyor is increasingly managing the property lifecycle and the property supply chain to ensure that suppliers, manufacturers and designers meet the stakeholders’ sustainable objectives.

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