The business of re-invention
A Gardner Merchant case study

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Page 3: Meeting business objectives

Gardner Merchant 5 Image 1An organisation that outsources business activities must be confident that its contractors will help the organisation to meet its business objectives. While a university or school concentrates on educational objectives it will also want to be assured that students are happy about all other aspects of their daily lives - that they are being fed well or that their leisure requirements are being met.

Gardner Merchant therefore invests considerable time in making sure its partnership supports the client’s core activity and ensures that support services run smoothly. Research plays an important part in Gardner Merchant’s planning especially in the area of food services where the need is to ensure the right food is provided at the right price and in the right environment.

In the education sector for example, every two years the Gardner Merchant School Meals Survey researches children’s and their parents’ lifestyles, values and perceptions. This enables the company to align its services to satisfy the needs of parents, head, teachers, governors and pupils.

A similar approach is taken in higher education where focus groups and attitude surveys are used to establish the food tastes and preferences of consumers at every campus Gardner Merchant operates.

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