The business of re-invention
A Gardner Merchant case study

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Page 2: Reasons for a new strategy

Gardner Merchant 5 Image 5Gardner Merchant specialises in the outsourcing of services and is able to call on the global resource of Sodexho. Gardner Merchant is absolutely focused on delivering service locally to meet individual client needs.

Gardner Merchant is typical of the modern entrepreneurial company that is taking up new opportunities. It leads in food service provision and recent research has shown that over 80 per cent of respondents recognise Gardner Merchant as a contract caterer in business and industry. Although Gardner Merchant’s ‘core’ activity has traditionally been in food service provision, it is now accelerating its involvement in providing a range of non food services.

This new market is valued at over 2.5 times the food service market (approximately £17.5 billion). Gardner Merchant is now re-positioning itself as a true multi-service provider, capable of satisfying the outsourcing requirements of a wide range of people based services.

Gardner Merchant’s strength is taking responsibility for its clients’ non-core functions. For example, Gardner Merchant is already the leader in the NHS market with more than 130 hospital sites. Its principal hospital services cover housekeeping, catering for patients, staff and visitors, vending, portering and non-emergency patient transport.

However, Gardner Merchant Healthcare is extending its range of support services to hospitals by providing round the clock switchboard services, car parking, security, laundry and grounds maintenance. These fully integrated facilities management contracts mean that the hospitals can focus on the clinical aspects of patient care, while Gardner Merchant delivers its catering and other non-clinical support services efficiently and cost effectively.

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