New trains and tunnels for the Jubilee Line extension
A GEC Alsthom case study

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Page 5: Design services department

Gec Alsthom 2 Image 6Vehicle Systems Integration Engineering is accountable for making sure that all the systems fit and work together as a train within the railway infrastructure; stations, depots, signalling, communications and track. A good example of the importance of this type of engineering is the design and preparation of a vehicle. The expression ‘all systems go’ popularised during the US space programme meant that the overall system of millions of individual components that made up the vehicle and support systems were ready to ‘go’ in order to achieve the objectives of the vehicle. This is essential to the overall success of the entire project. The Vehicle Systems Integration Engineer at Metro Cammell ensures that:

  • the design process is applied to the vehicle, systems and equipment;
  • appropriate studies are carried out using controlled information;
  • design verification encompasses all requirements.

Electrical Test Department

Trains and rolling stock are highly technical products with complex electrical and wiring specifications which perform a vast range of functions from simple lighting through to air conditioning, video equipment and advanced braking capabilities. Throughout the development process it is important to ensure that the new rolling stock meets the design requirements. If a system is inadequate because of faulty or poor design, then the design phase has to be repeated. If the problem lies with the specifications, the definition phase must be repeated. The Electrical Test Department is responsible for:

  • a connection list comprising all components and equipment interfaces
  • general electrical arrangement drawings for the positioning and spreading of electrical looms
  • electrical schematic drawings and the writing of a wire proving programme.

Advanced technologies play an important role in testing electrical systems. A Jubilee Line car requires approximately 2,700 steps to check the entire electrical system, all of which are controlled and measured by sophisticated computers. It is estimated that there has been a 50% reduction in testing time now that the electrical system of each car is tested via a computer.

GEC Alsthom | New trains and tunnels for the Jubilee Line extension