Strategically repositioning a business
A Glynwed case study

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Page 5: International growth

A key acquisition made by Glynwed in 1999 was that of IPEX, a Canadian business that had an Glynwed 6 Image 8outstanding strategic fit with Glynwed. IPEX is a 100% core pipe systems business, which has, given its geographical position, developed a major manufacturing presence in North America.

By acquiring IPEX and integrating it into the Glynwed business, the Group was developing a wider geographical spread, extending its product and expanding its technological capability. All of this created a new base for growth.

IPEX has:

  • one of the lowest costs in the industry, with high levels of investment
  • a full product line in carefully selected markets
  • 14 plants located geographically near to main markets
  • sales coverage in both Canada and the US.

By acquiring IPEX at a time when plastics penetration was less in North America than in Europe, Glynwed now has a major opportunity to grow in its North American markets, using its European technologies.

As a low-cost producer with a good market position, the IPEX acquisition has now become the cornerstone of Glynwed’s growth, with an unrivalled opportunity to move further into fast-growing markets in North America.

Glynwed | Strategically repositioning a business