Creating an ultimate travel experience
A Great North Eastern Railway case study

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Page 3: Core values and brand values

For GNER, consideration of these questions has led to a number of important concepts. The core values define the company’s strengths, show how it wants to treat people and how it needs to behave to deliver its mission statement and achieve its vision. As can be seen in the diagram, GNER considers its core values to be safety, reliability, team-working, valuing people, consistency, aspiration, innovation, distinctiveness and customer focus.

Great North Eastern Railway 4 Diagram 1The brand values are what the customers see and feel during their contact with the company - what GNER calls ‘the customer service experience’. Market research has shown that the important elements in any journey are, for example, the time taken, the comfort and absence of hassle and the frequency of train services. In addition to these are the aspirational brand values, i.e. the values that GNER would like to achieve. For example, GNER would like to be known for having staff for whom nothing is too much trouble, and for providing a whole experience that is memorable and impressive.

The mission statement therefore becomes a description of what the company and its employees aspire to be. GNERÕs mission is to be ‘The ultimate travel experience for every customer’. The statement then lists the ways in which this is to be achieved to satisfy all the stakeholders in the company.

‘Creating the UK’s ultimate travel experience for you’

The service vision is the blueprint for the successful implementation of the mission statement. It is about how the company does things, its attitudes, behaviours and procedures. Great emphasis has been placed on role modelling and leadership from the top. The diagram shows how each of these elements interacts with the others. The service vision identifies why GNER is important and different from its competitors. It is designed to be both challenging and motivating – ‘a unifying ambition for all GNER in painting a picture of what our customers can expect’. It is the promise that GNER makes to all its passengers.

Great North Eastern Railway | Creating an ultimate travel experience