Securing a market leading future through SWOT analysis
A Hewden case study

Page 6: Conclusion

Hewden 18 Image 13Hewden has used a SWOT analysis to help it plan for the future in an increasingly competitive and difficult market. By identifying its main strengths it was able to focus on reinforcing its core business. Identifying key weaknesses and changing its practices was vital in adjusting the business’ operations to become more efficient.

A key outcome of its SWOT analysis was identifying potential opportunities and threats to prepare the business for the future. However, a SWOT analysis on its own is worthless unless it is used to plan and drive change. All other functions must interact to facilitate change. This approach has enabled Hewden to remain a market leader and its new operating system and use of social media is improving its efficiency and supports its continuing growth.


Hewden | Securing a market leading future through SWOT analysis


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