Using promotion to position a brand
A Hi-Tec Sports case study

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Page 3: Above-the-line promotion

Above-the-line promotion is based on advertising in mass media, such as newspapers, television, radio, cinema and the internet. This type of promotion reaches a wide audience, but it can be difficult to measure and assess its impact. It can be used both to inform the audience and raise awareness of a product or service, as well as to persuade people to buy.

Hi-Tec wlaking bootDifferent media outlets can be used to target audiences in specific market segments. For example, an advertisement in The Times newspaper or one shown on MTV will reach very different audiences. The readership of The Times tends to be mature and relatively better-off, while MTV attracts a much younger audience.

Forms of advertising

Hi-Tec's advertising emphasises the USP for its brand and its core values. The imagery chosen to represent the brand values focuses on people in action - running, hiking, walking - in order to capture the fun element. Hi-Tec's above-the-line activities include:

  • television advertisements for raising awareness with the wider public, for example in key TV advertising slots during peak programmes such as sports, in order to attract relevant viewers
  • press advertisements in trade or consumer publications. Hi-Tec deals both with retailers and directly with consumers through its online shop
  • banner advertising on selected websites - this form of paid-for advertising allows the business to measure responses through 'click-through' rates
  • billboards at locations relevant to the chosen audience, for example, a sports track.

Measuring effectiveness

Advertising can be costly. It is therefore important for Hi-Tec to analyse the cost-effectiveness of each activity. This can be done in several ways. For example, it might monitor the numbers of visitors to a website or the numbers responding to a sales promotion. It will track the increase in sales following a promotional campaign.

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