Using promotion to position a brand
A Hi-Tec Sports case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Hi-Tec Inspired by Life promotion example One of the most important things in managing a brand is to be able to position it positively relative to competitors in the minds of consumers in target markets. The brand needs to communicate the key values of the products and the business.

Hi-Tec's four key brand elements are proud, honest, fun and hungry. These elements have been developed to be closely associated with its products. Hi-Tec aims to emphasise these factors within its unique selling proposition.

The power of viral marketing

The Liquid Mountaineering video demonstrates the power of viral marketing. It built a huge following. It got people talking - was it fake or not? It opened the brand to a new global audience.

This campaign has helped Hi-Tec to change consumer perceptions of its brand and reach a worldwide audience. It has also provided Hi-Tec with the potential to build on the campaign through other more traditional promotional activities.

Hi-Tec Sports | Using promotion to position a brand