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A HM Customs & Excise case study

Page 2: HM Customs & Excise

HM Customs & Excise is a department that has constantly had to adapt to change, such as wider political and economic changes influenced by successive governments and their fiscal policies, to wider initiatives such as that of the Euro.

Every organisation needs a purpose or mission that sets the direction for its activities. The aim of Customs & Excise is 'to provide a world class tax and customs service in accordance with government objectives' this is achieved by:

  • collecting a range of duties and taxes accurately, on time and in a courteous and impartial manner
  • protecting UK and business interests through the control of imported and exported goods
  • preventing the illegal import (and export) of socially unacceptable or politically sensitive materials.

So, as well as bringing in around 40% of central government's total taxation yield including more than £50 billion in VAT receipts, Customs & Excise has a unique role as a front-line organisation for protecting society against the threat of illegal drugs, firearms and paedophile materials.

HM Customs & Excise | Creating a supportive business environment for SMEs


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