Acting as a regulator and enabler
A HMRC case study

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Page 7: Creating a new way of doing business

The Inland Revenue is looking to deliver a customer-oriented level of performance by which it:

  • responds to 80of all post within 15 working days
  • sees everyone who calls at Inland Revenue Enquiry Centres by appointment within 15 minutes of their agreed arrival time
  • answers telephone calls within 30 seconds
  • gives full and correct answers first time
  • processes a self-assessment tax return correctly first time by making full and correct use of available information
  • extends the availability of e-services
  • establishes e-mail as a form of customer contact
  • makes best use of available technologies
  • modernises systems for receiving and paying money
  • offers tax payers a wide range of payment methods
  • develops a standard approach to managing tax payers' debts.

HMRC | Acting as a regulator and enabler