Acting as a regulator and enabler
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Page 3: Some key Inland Revenue stakeholders

Enlightened organisations identify the individuals and groups to whom they must be accountable if they are to continue to exist. These individuals and groups are the organisation's stakeholders. Like any other organisation, the Inland Revenue has stakeholders whose needs and requirements it must identify and look to satisfy.

The Inland Revenue's key stakeholder is the government of the day, which will make its expectations clear, and will require the Inland Revenue to:

  • collect all tax revenues due
  • pay the right entitlements to individuals and organisations
  • enable citizens to get things right first time
  • minimise the costs associated with collecting tax revenues and distributing entitlements.

These requirements become indicators against which the performance of the Inland Revenue can be assessed with a view to achieving improvement year on year.

Other major stakeholders are the individuals and organisations with whom the Inland Revenue deals in the course of collecting tax due and giving out entitlements. The UK government has made clear that the Inland Revenue should be a customer focused public service, from which those who deal with it deserve and are entitled to a high level of service. This makes good sense - a well-run tax system that the business community supports will help sustain economic activity.

Good customer service is delivered by its employees through many channels. In a service delivery organisation, customer service skills where the customer can access the information/advice they need is critical. The Inland Revenue must therefore ensure it recruits and maintains the right skills, experience and technical knowledge to meet these demands. In reality, every citizen is a stakeholder of the Inland Revenue. If citizens are to continue to enjoy reasonable standards of living and a good quality of life in a well ordered society, they need an effective government with adequate funding. The Inland Revenue plays a vital role in ensuring that the necessary funds are available, in line with Treasury forecasts.

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