Releasing the talents of employees
An ICI case study

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Page 2: Fluctuations in demand

Ici 2 Diagram 2ICI is a major producer of paints, materials, explosives and industrial chemicals. As a multinational corporation, ICI runs and operates this business on a global scale. Inevitably, its business is subject to intense competition and to fluctuations in demand caused by cycles in economic activity.

Along with other modern high-technology corporations, it must make best use of the resources available to it. Failure to make the best possible use of resources will inevitably lead to the loss of market share. Of course, today the most important resource of any organisation is its human resource, i.e. the people whom ICI employs. In order to make best possible use of this resource, ICI has set out to create a structure in which the potential of its people can be unleashed. In a number of areas this has had outstanding results.

The way in which ICI has set out to empower staff is based on a simple yet highly effective formula. The ICI company has been reorganised to create a simple structure in which everyone is clear about what is expected of them, i.e. individuals understand the objectives of the organisation, the team in which they operate and their own objectives. At the same time, ICI employees are given the tools and Ici 2 Diagram 4skills they require in the form of training to do their jobs. Additionally, they are given the recognition for what they have achieved, and for what their teams have achieved.

The best way to outline the way in which ICI has been operating Human Resource policies in recent times, is to provide some examples of successful practice:

ICI | Releasing the talents of employees