Turning waste into wealth
An ICI case study

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Page 4: Global perspectives

Having researched and developed a superior product, it was important for ICI to ensure it was well placed to beat It’s global competitors in the ECO Binding Technology industry. ICI knew the strength of its product. The company knows that, compared to standard particle board, ECO-Binding Technology based products have a number of benefits, not least of which is a reduction in emissions and gases given off during the manufacturing process. The challenge facing ICI Polyurethanes was to ensure potential purchasers understood these competitive advantages. ICI also needed to make its suppliers of agricultural by-products aware of the benefits resulting from the new technology. Benefits include:

  • an opportunity for people to harness and profit from by-product resources
  • expansion of second crop profitability
  • a safe and effective way to use and preserve natural resources
  • a safe and effective way to fill the increasing need for ‘greener’ products.

On a global scale, this gave ICI Polyurethanes an opportunity to create viable and profitable international markets, whilst contributing to conservation.

ICI | Turning waste into wealth