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Page 5: Internal values

Imi 17 Diagram 1IMI believes in behaving responsibly towards all its stakeholders, including its customers, shareholders and employees. Its values of Excellence, Innovation and Integrity guide the behaviours of all employees. Values are the beliefs shared by those within an organisation which underpin its business strategies.

IMI’s values translate through its processes to increase the value of its products and services to customers. They also define the high standards for how the business and its employees deal with customers and stakeholders. This commitment to the business behaving in a responsible manner is known as the IMI Way.

The IMI Way

Imi 17 Image 3The IMI Way is an integrated approach across the company and enables the business to achieve sustainability in its management of:

  • Health and safety – IMI promotes a strong health and safety culture. This minimises risks to people as well as to communities and the environment.
  • Energy efficiency – IMI has an internal commitment to become more energy efficient in developing its products and processes.
  • Risk in the supply chain – IMI sources materials and components from many countries. To make sure that products are sourced responsibly, it sets out standards for its suppliers as part of its Supply Chain policy. This includes aspects such as minimum working conditions.
  • Supporting customers to act responsibly in business – IMI helps its customers to recognise and develop opportunities for sustainability.

Kroger Co. is one of the largest US grocery retailers. Sustainability is one of its core values. In 2010 it introduced a new retail service area in which frozen beverages could be served. To support this service they wanted a sustainable frozen dispenser, with high performance and reliability. IMI’s expertise produced a final product which reduced energy consumption and wear on components. In addition, the LED lighting used in the product provided seven times the life expectancy of traditional bulbs. The effect was to reduce carbon footprint, eliminate waste and create energy savings of more than 25% over traditional equipment.

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