Targeting sponsorship within a specialist market niche
An Independent Insurance case study

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Page 4: Benefits of sponsorship

Independent Insurance 6 Image 4One of the benefits of sponsorship is that it can help build and improve relationships with both employees and other organisations. Brokers who attended the event sent letters to show their appreciation of the corporate hospitality.

Sponsorship of this type of event is more than a ‘one-off’ exercise. It offers long-term benefits through improved awareness of the company name in this niche market, the chance to offer corporate hospitality and the ability to reach out and become closer to existing and potential clients. Independent has built upon the foundations of the 1999 Fair and sponsored the 2000 Fair.

There was on-site branding at the Fair. In addition, Independent received advertising for its brand through the internet, magazines, posters, leaflets and the Fair handbook. Branding helps to make a company’s products distinct from those of other sellers.  It was also thanked on the press day, gala dinner and was included in publicity photographs. By becoming the sponsor for the event and also sponsoring the charity gala evening, Independent met a range of marketing objectives.

Independent Insurance | Targeting sponsorship within a specialist market niche