Using technology to create a paperless office
An Independent Insurance case study

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Page 1: Introduction

Independent Insurance 4 Image 1Every organisation must have some means of storing, processing and communicating information. Information comprises data that has been processed so that it is useful to the recipient. An information system is any system that provides information for activities carried out within an organisation. In its simplest form, the system will consist of filing cabinets, in-trays, out-trays and a telephone. Today, however, modern business decision making requires much more complex systems which provide immediately accessible, up-to-date information drawn from a variety of business functions.

Information technology has become increasingly important in the life of all organisations in providing effective communication systems, serving all members of an organisation. At the same time, information technology has become a key element in providing organisations with a competitive edge over rivals.

This case study focuses on an innovative information technology-based development in the communications systems of Independent Insurance which was designed to pave the way towards a paperless business environment.

Independent Insurance

Independent Insurance is an insurance group which provides general insurance and related services. The group operates principally in the UK, with a wholly owned subsidiary in France and operations in Spain, Malta and the Bahamas.

Independent Insurance provides commercial property and liability, together with non-standard/specialist personal lines cover. It believes in long-term business relationships with a relatively small panel of highly professional insurance intermediaries (brokers). The business focus is on maintaining sound underwriting principles and differentiation through technical risk management.

Independent Insurance | Using technology to create a paperless office