Using sponsorship to increase brand awareness
An Infiniti case study

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Page 4: Above-the-line promotion

Above-the-line promotion is paid-for advertising using a wide variety of mass media channels. These include:

  • Infiniti 18 Image 7print adverts in magazines/newspapers (trade and consumer)
  • TV, radio and cinema advertising
  • online advertising and websites (Infiniti’s websites are tailored for each geographic market)
  • billboards by roadsides, in airports and similar high visibility areas.

This form of promotion reaches a wide audience and is an effective way of creating brand awareness. Infiniti uses global TV adverts to highlight the superiority of the products. However, this form of promotion is costly and it can be difficult to target the likely customers precisely as the messages are pushed to a mass audience. It is also difficult to measure results of mass media promotion since the increasing popularity of TV formats such as Sky+ enables many TV viewers to fast-forward TV adverts. There are different types of advertising that organisations use. Two methods often used in TV advertising are:

  • Informative advertising. This is designed to increase awareness, for example a public health advertisement.
  • Persuasive advertising. This is designed to convince consumers to purchase a product by highlighting features that make it more desirable than others products. For example, Infiniti’s website and TV advertising campaigns highlight the vehicles’ key differentiators of design and performance.

Infiniti 18 Image 10Prior to each F1 Grand Prix, Infiniti ran above-the-line promotional campaigns alongside its below-the-line activity to create maximum exposure and brand recognition amongst consumers. For example, vintage F1 posters were used in a campaign to highlight the attributes of each particular race track and how relevant Infiniti technologies and design would benefit the driver.

Infiniti | Using sponsorship to increase brand awareness