Identifying and creating new markets - a new strategy for a global leader
An Intel case study

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Page 4: Developing new products

Intel imageIn our fast changing modern world, it is essential to find out what consumers want and need. It is possible to predict trends and developments. Because Intel is at the leading edge of technological developments it is well placed to anticipate consumer requirements.

In addition, it uses customer focus groups to find out what they think of the scenarios for the future that Intel anticipates e.g. lifestyle developments. A focus group consists of a relatively small number of consumers representing a market segment Intel is targeting.

For example, lifestyle trendsetters who are very knowledgeable about home entertainment developments or medical professionals interested in improving patient record systems. There is also huge scope for intelligent organisations like Intel to increase their presence in the health industry. This industry has been slow in adopting IT applications because healthcare primarily involves person to person contacts. However, health professionals are increasingly recognising the benefits of IT.

New product development to meet anticipated needs involves a considerable outlay of capital e.g. building new factories to build the products of the future. Being market focused therefore lies at the heart of Intel's success and direction. Intel's digital home division is part of the Digital Living Network Alliance, an alliance of over 250 companies. Their aim is to create joint standards, improve interoperability and ease of use between different products in the home. Intel was one of the key founders and still sits on the Board of Directors.

In 2006 Intel is rolling out a series of new products reflecting its innovative strategic approach.

Examples include:

  • Intel® ViivTM technology - a home entertainment platform.
  • Intel® Centrino® Duo mobile technology - a dual core processor notebook platform.
  • Intel® ViivTM technology is a new home entertainment platform. ViivTM rhymes with five. It can play/pause TV, download films, music and games, and will develop to enable easier movement of content around the home.

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