Identifying and creating new markets - a new strategy for a global leader
An Intel case study

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Page 1: Introduction

Intel imageNearly everyone is aware of Intel. It is the world's fifth most valuable brand valued at around $35 billion. Most of the world's personal computers are driven by Intel microprocessors.

By concentrating on producing great microprocessors Intel was able to leave its competitors behind. The company invested billions of dollars in highly productive manufacturing plants that could produce more processors in a day than some of their rivals could produce in a year.

Today Intel is continuing to raise the bar. In January 2006 the company launched its new strategy based on identifying and creating new markets. Instead of just focusing on personal computers (PCs) Intel will play a key technological role in a range of fields including consumer electronics, wireless communications and healthcare.

Intel has been one of the world's high achieving businesses. Its global appeal is not surprising. In recent years almost every time you opened up a laptop you would see that it was labelled 'Intel® Inside'. Seeing this, the user knew that they had a high performing and reliable computer.

We all want to be able to use more powerful technology, which is simple to operate, and helps us to do things without having to think about it. However, Intel has moved on. The problem with simply being a producer of processors is that other firms can move into your market. Once they produce similar products the only way you can differentiate is by offering lower prices.

Intel's new strategy is to create lots of different types of chips and software and then combine them together into platforms. A platform is an integrated set of proven technologies designed to work together. They provide people and businesses with improved communications and computing capabilities. These platforms will enable Intel to bring added value for consumers, win a larger share of consumer expenditure and increase revenue.

Platforms will make life easier for people in a range of settings from the home, to business, and medical settings. Intel's vision involves giving people access to easy-to-use technologies through these platforms. It is seeking to continually satisfy customer requirements by producing a range of new and exciting products.

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