The importance of employee motivation
A J.D Wetherspoon case study

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Page 3: Motivation

J D Wetherspoon 7 Image 9There is a big difference between motivating someone into wanting to do something and merely getting them to do it. The motivational theorist Frederick Herzberg noted that he could get even his dog to move by shouting at it or kicking it. He did not regard this as successful motivation.

Successful motivation is based on appealing to an individual’s intrinsic drives rather than using external threats and rewards. Herzberg argued that to motivate an individual involves identifying and using a range of ‘satisfiers’. These are factors that will motivate someone to want to do a job successfully eg by meeting their need for more responsibility, higher status, greater job satisfaction or enhanced self-esteem. Herzberg’s ideas on motivation are similar to those of Abraham Maslow.

J.D Wetherspoon | The importance of employee motivation