Building the Jaguar S-Type
A Jaguar case study

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Page 4: Emphasis on quality

Jaguar 5 Image 1To build the new advanced manufacturing facility at Castle Bromwich, Jaguar engineers benchmarked over 30 major manufacturers around the world for equipment, technology and processes. Benchmarking involves making comparisons with the highest standards in the industry. In every case, the best was chosen for the required purposes. The selection of suppliers was just as rigorous and each supplier had to share Jaguar’s manufacturing philosophy: 'To produce the best possible quality, Jaguar is committed to finding and eliminating problems at source...not after the car has been assembled'.

The key manufacturing principle is that robust processes product right-first-time vehicles every time. Right-first-time is a quality principle which specifies that there should be zero defective items. At Castle Bromwich, vehicles have to be 100% correct before they can leave one station and proceed to the next.

To ensure product quality and the most effective processes, the firm operates a process called lean manufacturing. The quality of components is the responsibility of whoever supplies them. This applies to sources within Jaguar as well as to outside suppliers. To maintain tight control over quality, the company operates with minimum stock.

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