Changing the culture at Jaguar
A Jaguar case study

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Page 5: Making the change

Jaguar 6 Image 4You can't force a new culture on an unreceptive workforce. Introducing changes in culture involves a detailed programme for introducing new ideas in a participative way.

  • Needs and assessments measurement - The first stage was a series of one-to-one interviews and focus group activities for representatives from all areas of the organisation. These identified the cultural strengths and the barriers to change at Halewood. These sessions were designed to find out how employees thought and felt about their work culture, and to provide the feedback to outline the strategy and the key messages for the culture change programme.
  • Management workshops -The next phase involved a series of three day sessions for managers to build up a commitment to the change programme.
  • Union workshops - Union leaders took part in workshops so they could better understand the new Jaguar approach to building cars on the basis of pride and dedication. This gained union support for the change and showed everyone what the benefits would be.
  • Management and union workshop - Management and unions identified a joint approach to take the initiative forward and embrace the new values.
  • Supervisors’ workshops - Supervisors were to play a key role in introducing the new ways of working. Supervisors’ workshops therefore concentrated on how they could help to lead the change process.
  • Pilot workshops - Five pilot workshops of thirty participants taken from all levels of the organisation were trialled. The emphasis was on breaking down divisions within the organisation so that a new model of team working relationships could be established.
  • Selection and training of internal facilitators - To cascade the Jaguar (Halewood) Difference message across the organisation, sixteen internal facilitators from all areas and levels of the organisation were selected and trained.
  • Two day workshops for all employees - The final stage of the roll out of the culture change programme was a series of two-day workshops led by the internal facilitators. These sessions gave all 3,000 employees a clear understanding of the difference between working on a Ford Escort and creating the new Jaguar X400. They also heightened awareness of the Jaguar Difference values and behaviours.

The early phases of the new programme were very encouraging. It was immediately obvious that everyone had a common goal - to make a success of Halewood. By involving everyone in the culture change programme it was relatively easy to establish a shared vision. Through the workshops, employees built up real enthusiasm for the empowerment process. Employees were motivated by the fact that they had a role to play in the change process. For example, one employee commented favourably on the initiative when he stated, ‘I always thought the company wanted me to leave my brain at the gate’.

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