Changing the culture at Jaguar
A Jaguar case study

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Page 4: The Jaguar Vision

Jaguar 6 Diagram 1To transform working patterns at Halewood, a Halewood Difference Programme was introduced based on a new vision and set of guiding values and behaviours. Jaguar targets industry leadership in quality, value for money, customer care and human resource management. Compatible with these targets the vision for the Halewood body and assembly plant is:

  • a world class vehicle manufacturing facility producing Jaguar cars for the discerning luxury car buyer, providing maximum job satisfaction and security
  • a safe environment in which highly motivated employees demonstrate a pride, passion in the product and an earnest desire to drive continuous improvements
  • a management that respects its employees and is committed to best practices in terms of fairness, recruitment, communications, training, education, diversity and individual employee welfare
  • management and employees working together to achieve shared goals, volume and job growth opportunities
  • the leading manufacturer in the community, fulfilling environmental responsibilities and proactive in supporting local initiatives.

Guiding values and behaviours set out a picture of how people within the plant would work with each other and with external customers on a day-today basis. This provided the basis for a new organisational culture. On a day-to-day basis Halewood people would focus on:

  • Quality: consistently delivering world class quality products and service.
  • Customer focus: striving to exceed customer expectations.
  • Accountability/Responsibility: being accountable and responsible for their personal conduct and their tasks.
  • Respect: treating each other with respect, dignity, courtesy and having pride in the workplace.
  • Open communication: openly communicating with each other regardless of level.
  • Teamwork: working together for the good of Halewood as members of one team.
  • Adaptability and flexibility: showing a commitment to embrace change.

The Halewood programme stimulated a more open and democratic relationship between managers and employees as employees became key decision makers.

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