Creating world class performance in a Jaguar assembly plant
A Jaguar case study

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Page 3: Changing working practices

Jaguar 7 Image 3While the redesign of plant and processes at Halewood has been essential to creating World Class Systems based on total quality and lean manufacturing, another key part of the change process has been to alter the Halewood workforce’s working practices and ways of thinking.

The transformation of the working processes, environment and culture at Halewood started two and a half years prior to phasing out the Escort. A key priority was to transform a ‘them and us’ view of management held by many Halewood employees. The first stage in the strategy for overhauling customs and practices was the production of the ‘Halewood Vision’. This is a statement outlining the principles involved in creating a world-class manufacturing facility. A new set of working relationships was agreed with employees and each employee received a copy of what became known as the ‘green book’, which set out the operating principles required to move the business forward.

Three pillars for successful change

Jaguar 7 Diagram 1In order to create the necessary improvements at Halewood, the management team focused on three pillars seen as essential to support the required changes.

Jaguar | Creating world class performance in a Jaguar assembly plant