Creating world class performance in a Jaguar assembly plant
A Jaguar case study

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Page 2: Creating a highly efficient manufacturing site

Halewood’s refurbishment process involved replacing almost all of the production facilities so as to:

  • deliver the exceptional quality levels required for a premium sports saloon
  • create a highly efficient ‘lean manufacturing’ environment.

Jaguar 7 Image 4Lean production involves standardising work processes and processes to cut out duplication and waste. The standard that is set is the best identified method of operation currently available. This standard is continuously improved. Halewood has the capacity to produce at least 100,000 vehicles a year. For the first time for Jaguar, the site also offers all major production facilities on a single location. Press Shop, Body Construction, Paint Shop and the Trim and Final lines are all adjacent to each other and laid out for a straightforward, sequential production flow.

The plant’s productive efficiency has been further improved by developing a new Supplier Park alongside. Totally new production lines have been installed in Body Construction and for the Trim and Final area, with the latter abandoning floor conveyors in favour of overhead conveyors as part of the overall drive for improved production quality. The Press Shop has been fully refurbished. Two state-of-the-art computerised measuring machines have been installed to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the metal stampings. In the Paint Shop, 70% of the equipment has been replaced to deliver the renowned smooth and glossy finish of Jaguar’s four-coat paint system used in existing Jaguar plant. Months of planning were required to ensure that all the different building and installation activities could be achieved simultaneously within the product development programme.

Jaguar | Creating world class performance in a Jaguar assembly plant