Focused, global and integrated
A Jefferson Smurfit Group case study

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Page 2: Packaging and the value chain

Jefferson Smurfit Group 4 Diagram 1Packaging, in whatever form it takes, provides three basic benefits:  containment, protection and display.

  • Containment - Facilitating the transport and storage of goods from source to end user.
  • Protection - Ensuring the safety and integrity of goods through shipping and storage.
  • Display - Providing marketing and consumer-orientated information to the end user.

Packaging adds value to the goods it contains. One of the most important terms in business is 'added value'. All businesses prosper in direct proportion to their ability to add value to their 'input' materials. The more value they add, especially in comparison to their competitors, the more competitive their products become.

Throughout the history of modern packaging, these benefits have remained fundamentally unchanged. The market-place in which they are offered, however, has undergone enormous changes. The Jefferson Smurfit Group, as well as the packaging industry as a whole, has had to evolve and adapt to changing requirements. By doing so, the Smurfit Group also adds value to its business, while better serving its customers.

The Smurfit Group strategy has been to add this value in three specific ways:

  • by focusing on its core business
  • by offering a global, geographically balanced presence in the market-place
  • by integrating its elements – both vertically and horizontally – to achieve the maximum in economy, efficiency and profitability.

We will now look at specific examples of how this is achieved.

Jefferson Smurfit Group | Focused, global and integrated