Creating and launching a new product range
A Jeyes case study

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Page 5: Trade and consumer promotions

Jeyes 3 Image 3A series of retailer promotions was devised to encourage garden centre employees to learn about the many different applications of the Jeyes products and recommend Jeyes for a whole host of gardening jobs. Thousands of Marks & Spencer gift vouchers were put on offer when the 'Jeyes Mystery Shopper' called. Participating garden centres were also given the opportunity to link into the consumer campaign and were provided with specially developed point-of-sale (POS) materials, as well as product information and promotional guidelines.

A consumer advertising campaign also ran, focusing each month on the many different uses of Jeyes Fluid. Research showed that generally, Jeyes Fluid was used for only one or two tasks. Few consumers realised that Jeyes Fluid is an all-round garden-care product, providing a range of gardening solutions. The aim of the campaign, therefore, was to attract new users and revitalise existing users by highlighting the versatility of its applications.

Moving further ahead

The Jeyes products were all developed to be potential market leaders i.e. sell more than the next best-selling brand. In addition to holding the largest market share, market leaders tend to drive the market in price changes, new product innovations, distribution coverage and promotional spending. Backed by strong Jeyes branding, the new garden range products are competitively priced and benefit from strong promotional support. Distributors include supermarkets, DIY stores, garden centres and independents.

As Jeyes builds its brand heritage and personality, it is important to review strategies continually and analyse how well the brandÕs personality fits in with the new product range. Consumer research has provided positive feedback upon the 'stretch' into the garden range.

Jeyes | Creating and launching a new product range