Devising a communications plan
A Kellogg's case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Kelloggs 17 Image 7Breakfast clubs provide a healthy meal at the start of the day in a safe and friendly environment. They also provide a great opportunity for kids to play, learn and socialise with classmates. Kellogg’s has long supported breakfast clubs and so planned a multi-platform approach to communicate key messages about the importance of breakfast and breakfast clubs to various audiences. The feedback to any communication is important to evaluate whether your messages are reaching the target audience effectively. Kellogg’s therefore carried out an evaluation of its campaign. Highlights include:

  • The first six weeks of the campaign generated 73 press articles across a variety of media – including news coverage on ITV’s Daybreak and news articles in The Observer and The Independent. All carried positive reaction to the messages and reached a potential audience of nine million people.
  • Over 700 schools applied for the funding and around 500 of these received a grant of up to £450 for their breakfast club.
  • Kellogg’s employees have attended 15 of those breakfast clubs with the local MP to see what difference the funding has made to the children.
  • The money raised from the campaign will provide a million breakfasts by the end of 2012.

Kelloggs 17 Image 9These results clearly indicate that Kellogg’s has communicated its messages effectively. The time taken in planning the communications through a multi-platform approach worked in relation to each of the targeted audiences. As a food company that takes its responsibility for nutrition seriously, Kellogg’s has maintained its commitment to write to and talk to key government officials to get the message over about the importance of breakfast for children. This highlights how effective communication is not just a one-off event but an ongoing cycle requiring evaluation and a response to feedback received.

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