Re-branding a Corporate Image
A Kellogg's case study

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Page 7: Comunicating With The Consumers

The completed new designs were further tested on consumers using sophisticated computerised eye tracking tests to see if the packs stood out on the supermarket shelves. More extensive market research was carried out to gauge the reactions of consumers.

Finally, it was necessary to communicate with consumers about the new packaging and the new image was flagged on the old packs for two months before the launch. The top section of the back panels was used to display the new designs to enable the consumers to become familiar with them. The new designs were also featured in a direct mail campaign to Kellogg's consumers as the packs went into market.

Changing the appearance of a well-known range of products can be a risky strategy, particularly in the highly competitive environment of the supermarket, where purchase decisions are made very quickly and competitors often try to imitate the packaging of a market leader. However, with extremely careful preparation and attention to detail and some state of the art design techniques, Kellogg's has been able to clearly differentiate its product range from the competition.

Extensive market research helped to reduce the risk, and communication with consumers warning them of the new changes, eased the period of changeover. The new designs have been successful in promoting all the familiar attributes associated with the Kellogg's name and have also enhanced and up-dated the personalities of the individual brands.

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