Re-branding a Corporate Image
A Kellogg's case study

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Page 5: Packaging The Individual Brands

The packaging of Kellogg's breakfast cereals is also a key element of the marketing mix. The packaging has to provide a representation of the brand identity and appeal to the target market. It also has to have space for nutritional information and any promotional offers.

Kellogg's has to deal with the problem that the purchasers of cereal, usually adults and often female, are not always the consumers, often children. The packaging has to appeal to both groups.

By combining some elements of corporate branding with the individual product's own identity, it can provide the assurances of quality and nutrition that come with the Kellogg's name and also appeal to the end user.

In Spring 2000, Kellogg's took the major step of launching a bright, colourful new corporate image for all its cereal brands. This is not a course of action that should be taken lightly. Once consumers have a popular brand image in mind, it may be risky to change it, but Kellogg's was concerned that, in a highly competitive market, it was becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between supermarket own label and other manufacturers's brands. Consumers were becoming confused when confronted with so many similar packs on the supermarket shelves.

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