Revitalising a valued character
A Kellogg's case study

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Page 1: Introduction

Powerful images stay in people's minds. Innovative technologies offer new ways of projecting images, and the messages they help to convey. As a result, creative images remain an effective means of communication. Firms with powerful, creative images have a valuable promotional asset.

Firms must ensure, however, that the images they convey keep pace with changes in society and continue to reflect consumers' lifestyles. These lifestyles undergo continual change, so businesses need to keep their communications processes under ongoing review. In particular they need to monitor their approach to advertising.

Advertising is a way of communicating with groups of consumers in the market place so that an organisation can achieve certain objectives. Advertising helps to create, sustain and promote consumer demand, which the business then meets. To advertise successfully, businesses must be clear about:

  • the intended message
  • the target audience
  • the means of communication
  • how receptive the target audience, and others, are likely to be.

Although advertisements are only one element of the marketing mix, they are vital for building up a product's image in ways that capture consumers' attention and stimulate their desire to purchase. Successful advertising campaigns result from good ideas presented creatively in ways that are 'in tune with the times'.

Businesses also need to foster a warm relationship with targeted consumers. One way of doing this is to create a character that links with the brand, and then use the character's actions to project the qualities of the product or service.

Frosties is one of Kellogg's core products. With Frosties comes Tony the Tiger. This case study focuses on how and why Kellogg's recently decided to revitalise Tony.

Kellogg's | Revitalising a valued character