Stakeholder engagement
A Kellogg's case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Kelloggs 18 Image 7Kellogg’s business strategy is stakeholder-focused. The company’s decisions and actions are all made with the best interest of its stakeholders at the heart. Engaging with both internal and external stakeholders creates two-way communication that brings benefits to both Kellogg’s and to each stakeholder group. Although Kellogg’s engagement initiatives have huge cost implications for the company, they yield huge benefits to the communities and stakeholders as well as to Kellogg’s in order to demonstrate that it’s a responsible business.

Kellogg’s uses its size as a force for good. Its stakeholder engagement focuses on supporting its CSR activity, such as its breakfast clubs and support for food banks around the world. These initiatives support the company’s vision and, through living the K-Values, enable its employees to continue to improve the lives of its global stakeholders.

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