The Importance of Effective Communication in a Competitive Market
A Kellogg's case study

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Page 5: Barriers to Communication

Kelloggs 20 Pic2Whenever considering communicating effectively, a vital element to consider is what barriers to communication, (often referred to as ‘noise’), exist. There are many barriers that may exist, but often senders may be unaware until too late, especially in a major project such as Kellogg’s Origins project. Consequently, knowing and removing likely barriers in advance and having an effective feedback procedure are vital in ensuring the goals of communication are met.
Barriers to communication can take many forms. Often the main barriers can be linked to four main types:

  • Technical (how easy it is for an  intended receiver to receive the message)
  • Amount of information (how easy it is for receiver to absorb information)
  • Semantics (receiver’s ability to understand what has been sent)
  • Speed of Receiver Response (how quickly receivers react to or respond to a message).

For Kellogg’s it is vital that such barriers are reduced or removed so that communication is not inhibited. In respect of the campaign, the Public Relations media proved highly successful in gaining interest and ultimately purchases. An initial survey by Kellogg’s had revealed results that 43% of 2000 primary school children had never visited a farm and 17% were unaware that vegetables were grown on farms. The survey results, in full written form, would have been a barrier to reaching young children. However, Kellogg’s built upon these statistics and utilised ex JLS member JR Gill as an Origins celebrity media ambassador to spread the ‘from seed to spoon’ message. Selecting the right channel, a celebrity ambassador, for the young audience, and combining this with carefully selected PR coverage on TV and in the press, the barrier to communication was removed and interest and purchases surged as a result.

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