The Importance of Effective Communication in a Competitive Market
A Kellogg's case study

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Page 4: External Stakeholders and Channels of Communication

Kelloggs 20 Diag4External communication can take many forms, depending on who is sending the message, its purpose, its receivers and how important the message is. The following table indicates some of the main methods used for external communications, Whilst internal communications were important, in respect of achieving its stated goals, for Kellogg’s, external communications were vital in relation to the Origins campaign in order to broadcast the messages to a large audience.Kellogg’s marketing team, once the main elements of the campaign were understood, worked on how best to reach the main external stakeholders. They set objectives based on maximising ‘reach’ of the target audience and then selected the different channels in order to do this. As a broadcast medium, TV advertising is a very efficient way of doing this, as well as using public relations to get messages into the press.

Furthermore, consideration must be given to what shoppers see in the stores itself. Point of sale displays used in major supermarkets involved a visual display of a tractor made up of the cereal boxes. This was aimed at consumers to help demonstrate the ‘from seed to spoon’ link between the farmers and those eating the product. These displays and other, similar point of sale attractions helped increase the value of sales by 12%, reflecting a good choice of media appropriate to the receivers.

In order to communicate more complex messages, a storybook advertisement was made called ‘Kids want to know why’ which illustrated where Kellogg’s food came from. The medium for this was a ‘mummy blogger’ on-line media page. This proved very effective as a high proportion of mums responded with praise for the content.

As important spokespeople for the campaign,farmers were contacted to help get their support for the environmental aspects of Origins. An important aspect of this was how Kellogg’s used sponsorship of the farming community’s ‘Open Farm Sunday’ campaign. The key message used here was how cereals come ‘from seed to spoon’ Farmers were also informed about how using natural methods benefitted both the environment and their own yields and were also given advice and detailed documents on how to improve the quality of their grain.

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