Using new product development to grow a brand
A Kellogg's case study

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Page 3: Special K - cereal

Initial developments came from Kellogg's in France, who introduced red berries into the cereal. This new product performed well. Market research in the UK, including consumer tests, also identified a real opportunity within the UK market.

In October 1999, Kellogg's launched Special K Red Berries in the UK. From the outset it performed well, with very little damage to the core brand: most sales were additional and above expectations; consumers did not swap the 'old' product for the new variant.

Evaluating the launch revealed further scope for product development. It was, however, important to ensure that any new products tasted different from the original Special K and the Special K Red Berries, so as not to harm their sales.

Extensive product development research was carried out by food technologists. Kellogg's then tested the product with quantitative research. Kellogg's launched Special K Peach & Apricot in February 2003.

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