Achieving career results for young people
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Page 5: Marketing plan in practice

Kent Tec 4 Image 4We can see how the marketing plans work in practice by examining the plan for just one of the target audiences e.g. Year 11 pupils. The plan sets out the key issues relating to the target audience, the objectives that need to be worked towards, the strategies that will be employed, the key milestones during the year and the activities that must be carried out to ensure that the objectives are met. The plan reads as follows:


This is a key group for the TEC, as the Young People will be making their career decisions and choosing further learning options during this year. There is pressure to make firm decisions from early in the Spring term. Many decisions will be revised in the light of academic results and it will be important to keep ‘educating’ parents on their role in the decision-making cycle. Some work experience will be taking place in the early part of the school year.


  • To increase the number of 16/17 year old trainees choosing the work-based route.
  • To manage the expectations of young people.
  • To manage the expectations of the parents, peers and teachers in the decision-making process.
  • To increase the number of young people registering direct with the TEC to enable on-going communication and an unbiased view of post 16 options.
  • To continue to communicate with those young people who have registered.
  • To promote Traineeships and Modern Apprenticeships aggressively during key decision - making times in the academic year.
  • To ensure the cost-effective delivery of messages.


The strategy will cover all the objectives and reinforce all the messages and perceptions that have been built up over Years 9 and 10. Kent TEC will also work with Kent Career Services during key times in the academic year.

Key milestones
September-December -

  • Informing the informers - tutors, parents, guardians etc.
  • Getting directly to young people.


  • Provision of detailed information and drip of message reinforcement.


  • High profile campaign commanding attention and linking closely with the arrival of academic results.


  • Advertising - on TV, in the press (at exam results time), on local buses
  • Information sessions
  • Careers conventions
  • Careers resource packs
  • Direct mail to parents
  • Direct TEC registration.

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