Achieving career results for young people
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Page 4: Targeting markets


Kent Tec 4 Diagram 1The size of the potential TEC programme market is estimated at approximately 38,000 young people. Approximately 36% are registered for TEC programmes (13,680). Companies employing between 25 and 200 staff account for 33% of Kent’s employment. Those employing over 200 account for 29% of the workforce. The remaining 92% of companies, with fewer than 25 employees, provide 38% of total employment. Of these, only 38% of small companies currently employ 16-18 year olds compared with 89% of medium-sized employers and 91% of large ones.


The pressure for growth placed upon Further Education and Sixth Forms has resulted in the more able young people who would, in the past, have opted for a work-based vocational route, being attracted into a range of traditional and new academic courses. This is reflected by the percentage of young people who stay in education (increased from 60% in 1990 to 77% in 1994).

The next key section of the marketing plan (shown below) establishes a number of primary and secondary objectives for the youth training programme in Kent. It also sets out the performance indicators that will be used to measure progress in meeting these objectives.

Target markets

Effective target marketing involves identifying the relevant market and then providing the appropriate activities for each of these segments. This requires a considerable amount of detailed research but will pay clear dividends. For example, it is wasteful to employ a ‘blunderbuss’ approach, randomly firing out promotional and other materials at a general audience. Activities must be specifically targeted at a clearly defined audience.

Kent TEC’s marketing plan has therefore identified a number of individual markets to be targeted by marketing initiatives.

Young people

  • Year 9
  • Year 10
  • Year 11
  • 1st Year FE College/6th Form
  • 2nd Year FE College/6th Form
  • 1 Year GNVQ
  • Young people in work-based training


  • Audience divided by socioeconomic status


  • Non-users - not currently active
  • Active customers

Careers professionals

  • Front line staff
  • Management


  • Head teachers
  • Year Tutors of Year 9
  • Year Tutors of Year 10
  • Year Tutors of Year 11.

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