Achieving career results for young people
A Kent TEC case study

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Page 3: The marketing plan

Kent Tec 4 Image 3Kent TEC has created a marketing plan that promotes learning opportunities to help young people develop the sorts of modern skills now in demand. Firms are looking for skills that will help to increase productivity and add more value to products. Firms benefiting from these advantages will be able to secure competitive advantage leading to economic growth and development.

To create this circle of growth, it is essential to have a clear picture of your market and its characteristics. Through its marketing plan, Kent TEC has been able to recognise that its market is made up of a number of distinctive segments. Each of these segments needs targeting with well-focused initiatives to maximise the use of resources and to create the best possible opportunities.

An effective marketing plan must identify the size of the market before going on to identify the particular segments of the market. In addition, the plan must establish clear objectives for each of the market segments and the most appropriate strategies and activities to satisfy customers in each of these market sectors.

In addition, the well-constructed marketing plan will establish clear performance indicators against which ongoing performance can be measured. The following sections set out some key elements of Kent TEC’s recent marketing plan for its programmes for 16-24 year olds. The first part of the plan is concerned with the market environment – establishing the size of the market and competition in this market. When reading the plan, it should be remembered that the TEC is primarily concerned with promoting vocational (work-related) programmes for young people.

The TEC carries out research in the local labour market to find out what sorts of training and other learning courses are most relevant to the needs of the Kent economy. The TEC then contracts out training and education work to a number of Training Providers who are responsible for the training and development of young people in Kent.

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