Using sports marketing to engage with consumers
A Kia Motors case study

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Page 3: Promotion

Promotion is about communicating with customers and potential customers. It has a number of purposes, for example:

  • to increase awareness – such as the range of vehicles Kia offers
  • to raise brand recognition – this is important in an industry with over 30 major players in the UK
  • to increase demand – thereby helping to meet the objective of growth in the UK
  • to improve brand perception – promotion communicates the fun approach of the Kia brand
  • to highlight the superiority of the product – e.g. the high quality and great design of Kia cars.


The acronym AIDA is useful when developing a promotional mix. Promotion activities help to:

Sports marketing

pa-10522698To reach its promotional objectives, Kia uses conventional techniques alongside extensive use of sports marketing such as sponsorship. Sponsorship involves a business paying to be associated with another organisation, event or even television programme. Sports marketing allows Kia to reach a large audience and create positive associations. Sports sponsorship enables Kia to be linked with superiority in another field.

For example, Kia was involved with the FIFA World Cup in Korea and Japan in 2002 through sponsorship. Since then it has become partners of the World Cup until 2022. This enables Kia to link its activities with well-attended and well publicised football matches that are enjoyed by large groups of people.

Sponsorship also helps to develop good public relations with European audiences. Public relations helps to build positive perceptions of the brand. This enables Kia to engage with potential customers who then view the organisation in a positive way. This is particularly important in markets where the brand identity lacks awareness and profile, such as when a new brand enters a marketplace. By associating with exciting and interesting sporting events Kia shows that it is also exciting and interesting. Kia proves it is a major player in the UK market through its sponsorship links with such high profile sporting events.

Kia’s sponsorships include:

  • Cricket. A new 5 year partnership with Surrey County Cricket Club including extensive branding, shirt sponsorship and naming rights for the historic Kia Oval cricket ground.
  • Football. Kia is the official sponsor for both the FIFA World Cup finals and UEFA Championships. These long term partnerships (through to 2022) include extensive branding and promotional opportunities, also extends to other associated tournaments (Women's World Cup, Under 21 Championships, etc). Kia is also shirt sponsor for a number of major clubs in Europe and around the world, including Athletico Madrid in Spain and Bordeaux in France.
  • Tennis. Kia has sponsored the Australian Open for 10 years. Rafael Nadal is Kia's global ambassador.

You can find out more details about Kia’s sponsorships at - see About Kia and Sports Sponsorships.

Kia Motors | Using sports marketing to engage with consumers