Building a photographic system around the user
A Kodak case study

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Page 3: Research

Years of consumer research and major advances in technology went into the development of the simplest and smartest photo system ever: The Advanced Photo System. The comments which consumers were making to Kodak in this market research phase are illustrated below:

“I’d switch to a photo system that helps me get more good shots from each roll.”

Research showed unanimously that consumers care far more about getting good pictures than they do about picture-taking. Mixed lighting conditions until recently were rarely considered by photofinishing equipment. The result was less than satisfied consumers.

“I wish I had a choice of picture formats so I could compose the shot better.”

Research showed that consumers wanted the ability to change picture formats to suit the subject matter. More picture format choices would give the consumer more picture control and more creativity.

“I’d enjoy my pictures more if there was a way to identify each print.”

Dates, circumstances and names can become a blur as time passes. Research showed that consumers wanted a non-intrusive way to display picture information.

“The biggest hassle is finding the right negatives for reprints.”

The research indicates that, on average, only 2% of all photos are ever reprinted. The consumer’s ability to enjoy to the full and to share pictures is lost, as is the retailer’s opportunity for increased revenue.

Kodak 2 Image 2The market research information highlighted above enabled Kodak to focus on the key benefits that consumers were seeking. By focusing on creating a product to incorporate these benefits, Kodak would have the key to satisfying the consumer.

Using the technological know-how in product development

Armed with extensive market research findings, Kodak was then able to introduce product developments which were able to create a great leap forward in imaging. Kodak has been able to develop a new system that gives consumers a key core benefit: more confidence in their ability to capture memories by taking the guesswork out of photography. The complete Advanced Photo System, which is compatible with all Advanced Photo System products, includes films, cameras and innovative photofinishing technology.

Kodak | Building a photographic system around the user