The vital role of Sales at Kraft Foods UK
A Kraft Foods UK case study

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Page 1: Introduction

Kraft Foods Inc. is the world's second largest food and beverage company with revenues in 2005 of over $34 billion. Kraft Foods is classified as a Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company. FMCGs have very high unit sales and require frequent restocking. The supermarket shelves on which the products are placed are said to experience a high rate of sale.

Kraft's core categoriesKraft is an American owned company with brands that include global market leaders. Many are established household names. In the UK & Ireland Kraft's portfolio of products fall into several core categories.

Modern food and beverage companies build their success around their power brands - the fast-selling brands that are instantly recognisable to consumers. In the UK & Ireland, Kraft's powerbrands are:

  • Kenco®
  • Philadelphia®
  • Dairylea®
  • Terry's Chocolate Orange®.

The company's other major brands include Maxwell House® coffee, Terry's All Gold® and Toblerone® confectionery. The staying power of these brands is undisputed - some already have over 100 years of sales behind them.

In addition to having high quality brands, Kraft's success owes much to its talented and dedicated employees, who strive to achieve the company's vision of 'Helping people around the world to live and eat better'.

Kraft worldwide currently has over 100,000 employees, operating in 150 different countries. The company's UK Head Office is in Cheltenham.

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