The vital role of Sales at Kraft Foods UK
A Kraft Foods UK case study

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Page 3: Sales and the marketing mix

4PsAll companies depend on their sales to keep them in business. The work of their Sales department or division is, therefore, crucial to the success of the business. The four Ps of Marketing are important in discovering what consumers want:

Whilst the four Ps are traditionally thought of as Marketing elements, it is within the Sales function that they really come to life. Within Sales, Kraft focuses on meeting the needs of both customers and consumers. Kraft does this by ensuring that products are always available on retailers' shelves for consumers to purchase. The majority of Kraft's UK Sales force is based at the company's Head Office in Cheltenham.

 4Ps in sales at Kraft

They operate in teams, each of which look after specific customers (e.g. ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury). Within each team, individuals are responsible for particular categories of products (e.g. cheese, coffee). This role is known as 'Account Management'.

Success in selling is built around managing particular accounts carefully. The aim is to help customers to sell Kraft products and to ensure that sales figures meet not only Kraft's targets but customers' targets too. Kraft strives to help customers meet increasingly demanding consumer needs in a highly competitive market place.

In addition to these Account Management roles there are also a number of specialist roles within Sales. Category Planning ensures that sales targets are met by overseeing the promotional plans for each customer.

Category Development use the market research information provided by Marketing to create a 'sales rationale'. This is market and product knowledge that the Account Managerscan share with their customers to help them sell the product. A Sales 'Point of Purchase' team provides expertise on Point of Purchase activity, e.g. promotional material to go on shelves such as 'shelf talkers' as well as plannograms that depict the ideal location of the product on the shelf (e.g. eye level).

Who are Kraft's customers?Kraft has several different types of customers. Kraft Account Managers liaise with the Head Office of each specific customer. This enables them to negotiate a deal with one key contact from each retail chain instead of with each store separately. This is more time efficient and cost effective. It also encourages consistency across all individual stores as they are co-ordinated by their Head Office.

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