Combining factors of production to achieve growth objectives
A Land Securities Group case study

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Page 3: Workplace legislation

Labour is an important factor of production and managing labour effectively involves understanding workplace legislation. Land Securities looks to comply with all laws relating to the workplace. These include ensuring that nobody is harassed or treated differently because of their age, race, colour, disability, creed, religion, or sexual orientation. The legislation that Land Securities must follow includes:

  • Health and Safety at Work Act. Both employers and employees have a duty to work in as safe and healthy a way as possible. Some responsibilities rest with the employer e.g. to provide a safe working environment. Others lie with the employee e.g. not to act in any way that will endanger him/herself or any other worker.
  • Equal Pay Act. Men and women should receive equal pay for equal work. If a woman is doing the same work as a man, she should receive the same financial reward. This applies even if a woman's job has a different title, provided she is doing the same work.
  • Sex Discrimination Act. This extended the law to include such matters as recruitment, training, and promotion opportunities. Employers may not discriminate on grounds of an employee's or applicant's gender. The government set up the Equal Opportunities Commission to enforce the Act.
  • Race Relations Act. This made it illegal to discriminate between people on the grounds of race, colour, marital status, nationality or ethnic group. It also set up the Race Relations Board to investigate complaints. The Act applies to all aspects of employment including job advertisements, recruitment processes such as interviews, and training and promotion opportunities.
  • Disability Discrimination Act. Employers with 20 or more staff must not discriminate against applicants or employees on grounds of disability, providing that the applicant is capable of doing the job.

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