Promoting social inclusion through access to legal services
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Page 5: Communicating the 'Employer Brand'

An Employer Brand is an organisation's image as perceived by employees and by potential applicants. Just as a well-known consumer brand can generate trust, approval and the intention to buy, so an effective employer brand encourages pride and job satisfaction among existing staff. It also attracts new recruits.

The UK labour market is highly competitive. Many employers are looking to attract the best talent from the existing pool of workers. This means that having a solid, well-managed brand image is more than just a luxury. It is a necessity.

Nowhere is the brand more clear or visible than in recruitment activities. This is why the Legal Services Commission places a strong emphasis on creating recruitment literature that sets out clear messages about what working for the LSC is all about. For example:

  • team spirit
  • partnership
  • integrity
  • professionalism
  • accountability.

But, even more importantly, working for the LSC involves making a difference to people's lives by:

  • helping vulnerable people
  • ensuring access to justice for all.

The LSC spells out these messages very clearly in its recruitment advertisements. They provide compelling reasons why many talented people with an interest in the welfare of society look to work for the LSC in a range of roles.

Legal Services Commission | Promoting social inclusion through access to legal services