Reclaiming the identity of a brand
A Levi's case study

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Page 5: Implementing decisions

Levis 6 Image 2Once brand managers have created objectives and developed the plan, the next step is to implement their decisions, i.e. to put the plan into action.

Levi’s objective is to reclaim the brand.  This has involved developing product innovations to excite the relevant target market - empowered young people. A recent product of this process has been the new concept of Levi’s ® Engineered Jeans™; 'twisted jeans'.

A large part of Levi’s advertising and promotion in 2000 is based on this product and is a symbol of youth culture. Unlike earlier Levi’s advertising which had used heroes such as Brad Pitt and Nick Kamen, the emphasis is on the product as 'hero'. Twisted jeans rapidly won the support of young, fashionable people and are representative of Levi’s new way of thinking.

Levi's | Reclaiming the identity of a brand