Continuous improvement within an organisation
A Leyland Trucks case study

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Page 4: A culture for continuous improvement

It is usually quite easy to get a feel for the culture of a company. For example, does the business look after customers? The culture at Leyland Trucks is based on trust. It involves everyone in the continuous improvement process. The company's culture relies on a set of values. A value is something that an organisation and its people believe in. Values determine the way we behave.

Leyland's values support continuous improvement and include:

  • training for everyone for example, identifying ways in which people can contribute to continuous improvement such as by eliminating errors and waste
  • team-building for Kaizen
  • involving everyone from top to bottom in decision-making
  • empowerment giving responsibility and power to everyone in the organisation, encouraging them to make decisions and to take on responsibility for continuous improvement
  • innovation encouraging everyone to be prepared to think of, communicate and try out new ideas.

Living the values

These values are translated into practical action this is referred to as 'living the values'. They are put into practice through:

  • day-to-day sharing of ideas between team members
  • weekly briefings where team leaders inform members of new developments, issues, problems and successes
  • quarterly newsletters for all employees
  • teamwork sessions
  • celebrating achievement of individuals and teams every three months
  • whole-team sessions led by the managing director every six months.

Leyland Trucks | Continuous improvement within an organisation