Providing means of payment for today and for the future
A LINK case study

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Page 5: A vision for the future

Link 6 Image 5Having carefully reviewed the environment in which it operates, LINK has built a vision of where it wants to be in the future. This vision (as for any organisation) needs to be inspirational yet achievable. The LINK vision is focused on leveraging its platform and core competencies to develop a backbone infrastructure for payment systems; the company is therefore setting out to be at the forefront of the development of such payment systems.

The Growth Strategy

A strategy is a plan of action as to how an organisation will achieve its goals and objectives. Given LINK’s existing position as a financially and strategically sound organisation with resources that can be ploughed into future developments, the new strategy now involves the following elements. Firstly, it is seeking to build in measured stages from its existing foundations, leveraging the existing network of connections to all the main banks and building societies in the UK. LINK is therefore reviewing the development of a range of new payment transactions which take into account all the new ways in which people can make payments.

This covers digital and other modern technologies, including the Internet, e-commerce, mobile technology and interactive digital TV. The company is also considering the possibility of expansion through the creation of joint ventures and partnership arrangements with appropriately qualified and established companies.

LINK | Providing means of payment for today and for the future