Changing working patterns
A Lloyds TSB case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Lloyds TSB was ahead of the game when it came to introducing flexible working patterns.The Group was aware that economic and social changes meant that people often live complex lives in and outside of work. Far-sighted management at Lloyds TSB saw the benefits to the business of recruiting and keeping excellent people, who would be willing to build a career in the Group. It also understood that it needed to strike the right balance between individual needs, professional requirements and working patterns to achieve competitive advantage.

Good human resource management is about nurturing and developing people. In a service industry like banking and finance, great customer service is the cornerstone to achieving high levels of customer satisfaction. Great customer service depends on having staff that are motivated and committed to the organisation.  Work Options has helped to build an effective, happy and motivated workforce. Only by doing this can Lloyds TSB continue to attract and retain the best talent and maintain a world class financial business.

Lloyds TSB | Changing working patterns