Positive about disability
A Lloyds TSB case study

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Page 5: Strategic benefits

Greater understanding of disability provides benefits for Lloyds TSB:

  • Lloyds TSB benefits by retaining staff and keeping their skills within the organisation.
  • Having clear policies and values helps to improve the image of the business.
  • It contributes to retaining existing customers as well as attracting new ones.

It also makes the business attractive as a place to work. This helps the company achieve its objectives and targets. For example, it enables the bank to provide better customer service. By developing a positive approach to employees who are disabled, the bank adopts an equally positive approach to customers who are disabled. These measures all help Lloyds TSB to differentiate its activities in the financial services sector.

To achieve these benefits Lloyds TSB has had to make changes. It has put in place many reasonable adjustments for employees with disabilities. The approach has also helped Lloyds TSB to focus on new developments for customers. This has enabled it to:

  • improve its training in customer service for disabled customers
  • provide literature in different formats such as large print, CD and Braille
  • change the layout of branches, cashpoints and service desks to make sure that they are accessible to wheelchair users.

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